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COVID-19 Updates

Virtual Town Hall Meeting Recap

Dear Central Catholic Families,

Thanks to all who joined us for our Reopening Town Hall on Wednesday.  If you were not able to attend, you can find a recording on our CCHS Facebook page ---OR--- CCHS YouTube Channel) by using this LINK.

All students need to complete the CCHS Health/Symptom Survey (use link) by August 16.  Students must access the form from their CCHS student emails. By completing this form, you will help CCHS provide the safest environment for learning we possibly can.

该 2020/21 School Calendar has been updated.  Please be sure to mark the following dates on your calendar. School will be in session on September 4, November 23-24, and January 4-5.  By adding these days to our previous calendar, we will still be able to meet the required 180 days of instruction and maintain our original end date.

ATTENTION ALL FRESHMEN - August 13 will be Freshman Preview Day.  In order to be in compliance with health and safety protocols, students will be assigned to small groups to come onto campus for a tour and some introductions.  Please stay tuned for details coming next week from our Activities Director, Mrs. Paris.

Have a blessed weekend!
Central Catholic High School

7/27/2020: Distance Learning Update

Dear Central Catholic Families,
Please use the following Zoom link (below) to join us for a CCHS Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday at 6:00pm to address any concerns and answer any questions about our reopening plan.
Following the announcement Friday and after receiving feedback from our school board, department chairs, and the administrative team, we have decided to create a schedule that we could follow whether we were in a distance learning plan, a hybrid model, or all back on campus with health and safety protocols.  We are still unsure of whether we will be starting in a hybrid or distance model on August 17.  We are waiting for guidance from the county and our Catholic Schools Office and will provide you with up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available.
Students will be assigned to a gold or blue cohort.  These assignments will be done alphabetically and based on course enrollment.  We will do our best to keep siblings in the same cohort.  Students will rotate through each class 6 times in a 2 week period.  The Gold Cohort will be on campus M, W, F, T, Th, while the Blue Cohort is logging in and following the schedule from home.  The Blue Cohort will be on Campus T, Th, M, W, F, while the Gold Cohort is logging in and following the schedule from home. 该 rotation will repeat every 2 weeks.
Advantages of the Revised Hybrid Schedule
  • 该 daily course load is more manageable for remote learners
  • Continuity: We can use the same schedule for all 3 models 
  • Fewer transitions between periods for cleaning protocols and to regulate distancing
  • 该 same amount of minutes per class per week
  • Uniform start time
  • Students are on campus 5 days per week
Lastly, the Diocese of Stockton has asked us to join the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in asking the U.S. Senate to include additional relief for Catholic schools in the emergency relief package that is currently being negotiated. Please click this link to learn more. 
WE hope you join us on Wednesday evening for the virtual Town Hall Meeting! 
Central Catholic High School